KAMINOMOTO - Super Strength Hair Serum Gold
Contains kamigen E & K, as well as B-glycyrhetinic acid to protect, strengthen and combat problems with scalps...
KAMINOMOTO - Kamikrone Hair Color Essence 80ml - 3 Types
Specially formulated to target troubling gray hair, this powerful and quick-to-use hair dye ensures a natural look and...
KAMINOMOTO - Color de Retouch Hair Color Polish 10ml - 3 Types
Major Ingredients:More Information:Mascara type that is easy to use for hairline and small parts. Covers with the double...
KAMINOMOTO - Hairie Quick Blow Mist Citrus
Major Ingredients:More Information:Creamy scent of citrus with non silicone formulation to finish to hairdressing hair by treating hair...
KAMINOMOTO - Kamicool Hair Tonic
Major Ingredients:More Information:
KAMINOMOTO - Hairie Repairy Oil
Hair oil made of highly moisturizing avocado extract smooths, softens and detangles tresses while preventing scalp from drying...
KAMINOMOTO - Medicated Conditioner
Medicated Conditioner is packed with gentle moisturizers and anti-bacterial ingredients to boost scalp and hair health. Piroctone Olamine...
KAMINOMOTO - Hair Growth Trigger No Fragrance
Hair growth tonic improves blood circulation and repairs damaged follicles for quicker hair regrowth. Select herbal ingredients steep...
KAMINOMOTO - Medicated Shampoo
Deep-cleansing shampoo contains the active ingredient Piroctone Olamine which controls sebum secretion and neutralizes dandruff to prevent itching...
Brand: KAMINOMOTOFeatures: The chief ingredients of this product are crude drugs and plant extractions that help to regenerate...
Brand: KAMINOMOTOFeatures: Kaminomoto Medicate Shampoo B & P 300ml 300 Milliliters Binding: Health and BeautyDetails: Shampoo;Size 300ml;New;Bottle;Active Ingredients:...
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