Down to Earth Deep Blue Sea Glass - for Vases Filler or Ponds, 2 lbs

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  • A Two pound bag of Deep Blue Glass Gems perfect for vases to your fireplace, many opportunities

  • Ideal for candle Centerpieces , silk, craft projects and fresh flower arrangements

  • You can use our gems for embedding in gel candles, accents to flower arrangements, glitter in fountains or birdbaths and gaming stones

  • Approximately 140 glass gems in each bag

  • Translucent - Light will shine through

  • Color : Deep Blue

These gems are absolutely exquisite in a floral arrangement, in a mosaic, or for table decorations. Gorgeous for bar or bat mitzvahs. Wrap with wire to create jewelry. Bump up the colorful vibrancy of your floral arrangements with our Gems. Featuring smooth and glossy surfaces, these glass gems pair perfectly in combination with silk and felt flowers. Insert your desired blooms into a foam block in the bottom of your vase and carefully pour in gems to cover the bottom or use as a modern fire gem and complete the look! The perfection in the craftsmanship of this glass gems will make you fall instantly in love with these gorgeous Teal glass gems the moment you put your eyes on them. Used as vase fillers this eye catching gemstones will bring an elegant and sophisticated touch to any event you decorate with them.

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