Ezywipe Cleaning Cloths 100% Rayon Multi-Purpose 3 per Bag Pack of 3 XLarge

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  • NATURAL SOFT STRONG HYGIENIC that only use water; Reusable up to 40 times

  • DURABLE commercial grade heavy duty; quick drying; 1 cloth equals 4 rolls of paper towels

  • SAFE no chemicals; lint free; non-combustible; does not retain odors; reduce spreading of germs

  • UNIQUE CHARACTERISTIC more absorbent than cotton micro-fiber or paper; tougher when wet

  • CERTIFIED Bio-degradable; Hypo-allergenic; Anti-microbial Anti-bacterial

  • Color : Green, Red, Blue

  • Size : 9 XLarge Coths (3 packs of 3)

INCLUDES Pack of 3 XL; 3 per bag total of 9; size 15.75 in x 23.6 in each Ezywipe is your money saving option; reusable offering all the convenience and superior absorbency over other cotton or paper towels and last longer. Value that means a greener planet less waste. Just rinse with water, will be clean and fresh. Will not get smelly; minimizes the chances of cross contamination thru hand towel usage. More efficient than cotton; does not require harsh degreasers in the wash to clean them; better for our environment; just a mild detergent or hot water to wash it out. No longer safety hazard; with cotton, the grease does not fully extract from the fibers causing residue, increasing the chances of catching fire. Ezywipe requires minimum drying time. They come in 3 colors to better control against cross contamination; both sizes come in International food service standard colors blue: general cleaning dishes; red: bathrooms toilets; green: food processing servicing. Ideal for the entire home; able to tackle tuff dirt and grease, great for kitchen dinnerware sinks counter-tops glassware windows auto drying chamois refrigerators stove cook-ware furniture electronics screen camera lens bathrooms garage tools outdoors BBQ grill patio. Multi-purpose; Ideal to clean any surface. Safe for you and your family; give as a gift. Offering a wide range of healthy products to improve quality of life, contributing to a safe environment. GLOBAL CERTIFICATIONS: FDA Approved, ASTM, ISO#9001;2008, CEreg.#02546, OEKO-TEX made in green and Standard 100, Compostable reg.#7P0548. Welcome EZYWIPE into your life.

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