Growth Science Nutrients - Strength (0-0-3) : Silica Supplement (Quart)

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  • Silica based formulation, used to strengthen cell walls, giving plants solid stalks and stems, and create wider, tougher leaves.

  • Most manufactures separate ingredients into as many bottles as possible and charge a premium for branding, but the vast majority of growers are wising up to this and are looking for a high quality yet affordable solution. Growth Science is designed to be a simple to use nutrient regimen that contains everything needed to help achieve maximum yields of high quality finished product. Growth Science is optimized for soil, coco, and all hydroponic mediums.

  • Size : Quart

Silica is a necessary element for the development certain plants but it is often overlooked. Therefore we've developedStrength, the silica booster for Growth Science. Silica is used to strengthen cell walls, giving plants solid stalks and stems. Silica also creates wider tougher leaves. The surprisingly tough serrated edge on a blade of grass, and the wonders of bamboo, are both examples of silica at work. The take away is a plant that is more efficient at photosynthesizing and more resistant to stresses like heat and drought. Strength was specially formulated to work in conjunction with the rest of the Growth Science nutrient regimen to increase your plants resistance to stress, as well as providing extra potassium at the beginning of the flowering stage of growth, to help the plant meet its increased nutrient demands so that you may have the largest yields possible.

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