Hotop 20 Pack Garden Shower Hose Washers Rubber Washers Seals for Garden Hose and Shower Hose (3/4 inch)

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  • 20 Pack shower hose washers: rubber washers are suitable for shower hose and shower head replacement; Good replacement part for shower hoses with hand held shower heads

  • Washers size: the shower rubber washer external diameter is 19 mm/ 0.75 inches, the internal diameter is 11 mm/ 0.43 inches, the thickness is 3 mm/ 0.12 inches

  • Durable rubber material: these shower head washers are made of good quality rubber and makes a good seal, prevents leakage between the shower arm and shower head

  • Easy to replace and fit: these shower head washers seals are good to have on hand for repairing a leaky shower head connection; Easy to install

  • Package includes: pack of 20 rubber washers; They also work for attachments, such as extensions, portable shower heads, handheld shower head, etc.

  • Color : Black

  • Size : 3/4 inch

Hotop shower hose washers rubber washers seals for shower head and hose, 20 pack

Rubber shower head washer:
The rubber pipe washer common apply to connect your shower hose to the head and help provides a tight seal to prevent leakage. Instead of replacing the whole hose you can replace the washers.

Right size:
These shower head washers seals have a good quality and just the right size for replacing a shower head or replacing a worn-out washer.

Soft rubber material:
These washers are made from a soft rubber and are thick enough to provide a good seal with most hoses. It makes an good replacement washer in your shower hoses.

When installing new shower head (or shower head on a hose) it is good to tighten firmly by hand and not need to use pliers or a wrench. Over-tightening could destroy the washer, causing it to leak.

Quantity: 20 pack
Material: rubber
Color: black

Package includes:
20 x Shower hose washers

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