Ideaco TUBELOR Hi-Grande Designer Rectangular Waste Bin, Conceals Any Plastic Bag 3.0 Gal, Matte Brown

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  • AWARD WINNING - TUBELOR designer Waste Bins are used in Tokyo, Paris and New York hotels to perfectly conceal both bag and waste

  • DESIGNER - TUBELOR perfectly conceals plastic bag creating a seamless dcor

  • SUSTAINABLE - designed to be eco-friendly, TUBELOR hides any plastic bag to function as a recycled trash bag

  • TIMELESS - classic Japanese minimalist design ensures the TUBELOR Hi-Grande perfectly integrates in any environment

  • Color : Brown

  • Size : 3.0 Gal

The TUBELOR Hi-Grande waste bin perfectly conceals the inner plastic bag. Designed with sustainability in mind, TUBELOR technology allows recycling of any plastic bag to function as the garbage bag. Thoughtfully designed, the opening slants inwards so the rubbish is directed into the covered bag underneath. The inner brim has a rounded edge to avoid the plastic bag from slipping. The outer cover is easily removable and both parts wash easily with just soap and water. The countless variations in color size and style make the TUBELOR Hi-Grande the waste bin of choice for interior designers and design professionals everywhere.

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