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Product Description

Thanks to natural polysaccharides and glycolic acid, this foaming wash gently removes dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and dewy after washing. Free from fragrances, artificial colorings and ethanol.

Major Ingredients:

More Information:

  • To the skin concerned with zara, goat and dullness.

  • Remove excess stratum corneum without burdening.

  • Reset the stratum corneum with the effect of fresh "bubbles".

  • It is a foam cleanser for skin after trouble.

  • Gently removes polysaccharide and glycolic acid thickened keratin.

  • Wash it on a soft, moist skin that does not stick to it.

    How to use:

  • Suitable amount is 2 to 3 push.

  • Washing face that places no burden on the skin.

  • Lip well with palm:

  • The facial cleanser will become bubbles and wrap around the dirt to remove it.

  • If foaming is insufficient, detergency drops.

  • In addition, foam plays a role of cushion to protect the skin.

  • Do not rub too strongly:

  • Basically it is basically to wash gently with wrapping with foam using the palm.

  • The cheeks on which the hands go is prone to washing too much, so to lightly stroke.

  • 20 rinse with lukewarm water as a guide:

  • When the rinsing is insufficient, the surfactant remains and the pH temporarily tilts toward the alkaline side, making it unprotected against the stimulus.

  • Also, if you rinse too much, the sebum film will be lost.

  • The number of rinsing of foam cleanser (Accente reset wash) is appropriate 10 to 15 times.

  • Pack Size - 200ml

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