BATHCLIN - Yakutou Bath Salt 600g - 3 Types

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Product Description

Treat yourself to a warm and soothing bath with these bath salts that soothe away fatigue, acne, dry skin and promote blood circulation. Can be used for up to 30 times. Available in ginger and citrus.

Major Ingredients:

BG, DPG, yellow 5, Yarrow extract, PEG (120), Sage extract, blackberry extract, Horsetail Extract, dried sodium sulfate Other Ingredients: Sodium L-Glutamate, Ginseng extract, PEG(120), yellow 202(1), Toki powder, Horseshoe Root Extract, peony extract, active ingredients: Senkyu powder, Hypericum Extract, altea extract, Achillea Millefolium Extract, toucan senka extract, Centipede Extract, anhydrous silica, Yellow 4, Peony Extract, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, flavor, Safflower Extract- 1, silicic acid anhydride, Scutellaria bark extract, Hypericum extract, Ginseng Extract, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, ginseng extract, yellow 4, dried sodium sulfate, Sodium L-Glutamate, Jojoba oil, carboxymethylcellulose sodium, Active ingredients: Senkyu powder, Chamomile Extract-1, dried sodium sulfate other components: L-glutamate sodium, sugina extract, Sage Extract, Altea extract, Chamomile extract-1, sage extract, Peony extract, powder powder, yellow 202 (1), hypericum extract, arnica extract, Arnica Extract, Astragalus membranaceus extract, Horsetail extract, Safflower extract-1, kamomira extract-1, Senkyu powder, Achillea millefolium extract, Althea Extract, fragrance, safflower extract-1, Arnica extract, Touki powder, jojoba oil More

More Information:

Blood Circulation Asian Citrus

  • 13 types of plant ingredients & crude drug active ingredients formulated such as carrot, arnica, seiyokuda, shakuyaku, sugina, town calendula, otogirisou, camomile, sea cucumber, sage, safflower, tuscany tachiaoi, jojoba.

  • Increase bathing effect, blood circulation & promotion of metabolism.

  • Efficacy effects:

  • Fatigue recovery, coldness, shoulder stiffness, back pain, roughness, acne, rashes, rash, shirts, sprains, neuralgias, frostbite, cracks, chapped, cold, prenatal cold, hemorrhoids, rheumatism.

    Warming Ginger

  • 11 types of plant ingredients & raw medicine active ingredients formulated.

  • Increase bathing effect, long after warm bathing.

  • Efficacy:

  • Fatigue recovery, coldness, shoulder stiffness, back pain, roughness, acne, rashes, rash, shirts, sprains, neuralgia, frostbite, cracks, chapped, cold puberty before and after childbirth, hemorrhoids, rheumatism.

    Pacific Herb

  • It enhances the warm bath effect, promotes blood circulation, sweats, warms the cold body to the core and relaxes it.

  • Double herbal medicine “Senkyu” and “Toki” selected through herbal medicine research.

  • Two types of herbal powders trapped in hot spring mineral grains spread in the bath, enhancing the bathing effect.

  • 16 kinds of plant ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) were selected and formulated.

    How to use:

  • Dissolve 20-30g of hot water (200L) in the bath while stirring thoroughly.

  • It is about 20g from the bottom of the container cap to the bottom line, about 30g is a standard a couple.

  • When using 20g, about 30 times.

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