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Apricot Oil comes from the apricot kernel which has been used for centuries in health and beauty. Today, we cold press apricot kernels and extract their oil for amazing skin and hair benefits. Each drop of our organic apricot oil contains moisturizing and antioxidant properties. This, as a result, makes it ideal for a variety of skin types and needs.
Use organic apricot oil on its own as a richly moisturizing face serum, or combine it with your favorite ingredients for a soothing and nourishing DIY preparation. Lightweight and delicately aromatic, this oil is also a perfect choice for massaging sensitive skin including that of infants and the elderly.

Loaded with vitamin A, C, E, fatty acids, proteins, and potassium
Rich in minerals
Fights fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin and under-eye circles
Promotes hair and scalp health
Completely safe for men, women, children and pregnant moms
Helps repair damaged skin
Protects skin from environmental stress
Strengthens and regenerates skin by enhancing collagen production
Can be included in many DIY skin care recipes including: healing balm, scalp treatment, hair serum, lip balm, body butter, diaper rash cream and more

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