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Product Description

Treat yourself to a hot and energizing bath with this bath salt! Rock salt and extracts from capsicum, ginger and guarana help to burn fat and promote metabolism. Carbon dioxide induced bubbles alongside the scent of ginger invigorate senses.

Major Ingredients:

pepper fruit extract, yuzu fruit extract, Carbon dioxide, cyclodextrin, glutamic acid Na, arginina spinosa core oil, Silica, blue 2, titanium oxide, Sodium sulfate, red 106, orange fruit extract, repage germanium, glutamate, Fragrance, dextrin, sea salt Hot spring water, Na glutamate, maltosyl cyclodextrin, hot spring water, Na carbonate, cellulose gum, Shimen-5-ol, chamomile flower extract, placenta extract, damask rose flower water, Mg sulfate, sucrose, water, flavor, red pepper fruit extract, orange 205, kaolin, centiforia rose flower extract, yellow 5, yellow 4, Na sulfate, BG, silica, lipase, caninaba fruit extract, lactose, repa germanium, ethanol, perfume, Kempferi parviflora rhizome extract, guarana seed extract, BHT, mineral oil, maltose, caffeine, grapefruit fruit extract, ginger root oil, repagermanium, PEG-160M, lactose (milk), lemon fruit extract, hyaluronate Na, carbon dioxide, ginger root extract, Perfume, glutamate Na, papain, strawberry fruit extract, hydrolysed collagen, PG, pepper fruit Extract, jojoba seed oil, sea salt, sodium glutamate More

More Information:


  • A new flavor has been added to the most popular lipolytic enzyme series from the Germanium buzzing bath where carbon dioxide gasses crackling.

  • Contains chamomile extract (moisturizing ingredient).

  • Milky purple hot water color.

    French Rose

  • Plus skin moisturizing ingredients to make skin texture positive.

  • Your skin will sweep and it will be smooth.

  • A germanium pleasant bath in which carbon dioxide can crackle.

  • Fragrance of French Rose.

  • Clear pink hot water color (transparent pink).


  • A germanium bath agent.

  • Capsicum extract, ginger extract, rock salt and guarana extract are compounded.

  • By sweating with the lap effect of torotori, the dirt on the skin surface is also refreshing.

  • To smooth skin.

  • Happy sound of carbon dioxide gaspump and hot water, sweat excitingly.

  • The scent of hot ginger.

    Hot Aroma

  • Recommended for those who want to put out things that accumulate on the body with sweat and worried about the body's puyopuyo.

  • Contains caffeine and papain enzymes, plus a refreshing UP ingredient (Kinoki ginger extract, orange extract, lemon extract).

  • Warm hot orange hot water color (clear orange).

    Soda Squash

  • A new type of bath agent that warms the body with the sound of crackling and carbonic acid popping.

  • Rose champagne fragrance: sweat with clear pink hot water / skin moist (contains rose hip extract and rose extract).

  • Royal honey milk fragrance: sweaty with milky hot water / skin purpur (royal jelly extract with skim milk).

  • Ginger lemon scent: refreshing with refreshing hot water.

  • Hot ginger scent: more wrapping effect of tori-riyu, more sweaty (with guarana extract).

  • Soda squash scent: refreshing with nigori hot water.

  • Germanium, hot spring mineral, pepper extract, ginger extract, rock salt.

    Spa Oil

  • Germanium Kaiseki bath (bathing agent) series, where carbon dioxide gas can be crackled and sounded from sound sugar.

  • A common combination of germanium, hot spring minerals, and hot ingredients (hot pepper extract, ginger extract, rock salt) in the series plus lipolytic enzymes, etc.

  • Even though it is a powder type, it has a new formulation containing oil.

  • Sweaty with oil beauty, moist with water.

    Strawberry Soda

  • Milky red hot water color.

  • Hot water that crackling carbon dioxide repels, sweaty sweat that is awful.

  • Unwanted fat on the skin surface is broken down little by little.

  • Contains germanium (moisturizing ingredient), sound sugar (moist grain), lipolytic enzyme (clean component), hot spring mineral (smooth ingredient), strawberry fruit extract (moisturizing ingredient).

  • Hot ingredient capsicum extract, ginger extract (hot ingredient), rock salt (crush ingredient).

    Yuzu Ginger

  • A germanium carbonated sound bath that cracks.

  • New fragrance debuts with the most popular hot water feeling from long-selling Bakusuiyu.

    How to use:

  • Make the temperature of hot water (180L) in the bathtub uniform, then put one package (60g), bath after thoroughly stirring.

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