Bison - India Esthe Premium Hot Heat Wrap Gel

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Product Description

Major Ingredients:

More Information:

  • Burning massage gel (rinse off type).

  • Rap gel that comes into close contact with the skin instantly generates heat.

  • It promotes sweat.

  • A texture of a little consolidation that increases the sense of effect of massage.

  • Rollings club formulation.

  • Further increase the effect of massage.

  • Oriental heat-up ingredient, skin tone treatment ingredient formulation.

  • Sesame oil derived from Indian tradition "Ayurveda" was commonly compounded.

  • Authentic Indian style esthetic series that you can do at home.

  • Massage conscious of Indian style marma.

  • Extra thing collected in the body refreshed.

  • The fragrance of exotic oriental floral.

  • Oriental heat-up ingredient formulation.

  • Hot ingredients: Capsicum extract, ginger root extract, vanillybutyl.

  • Tightening ingredients: Pashambu (Bergenian Lidarata root) extract, Force ring CG (Coleus root extract).

  • Moisturizing ingredients: Black Pepper Extract (Tetrahydropiperine).

    How to use:

  • Wipe off the skin's moisture lightly.

  • Appropriate amount for hand, stretching to the part of the body that you care about.

  • Massage every 1 minute.

  • Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

  • Do not use those who are vulnerable to irritation.

  • Do not use for face or mucosa.

  • Do not use immediately after hair removal / hair removal.

  • If you feel it is too hot during use, rinse immediately.

  • After use, be sure to wash your hands.

  • If you get on your eyes, lips, mucous membranes, etc., you may feel irritation, rinse with water immediately.

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