Bison - Porenice Nose Skin Exfoliating Eraser

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Product Description

Bid farewell to “strawberry nose” with this nose eraser from Bison! Enriched with kaolin clay to absorb sebum, as well as peach juice and leaf extracts to moisturize skin. Massage on nose and wipe off residue with tissue. Finish with lotion.

Major Ingredients:

パラフィン、ポリメタクリル酸メチル、ジフェニルシロキシフェニルトリメチコン、ナイロン-12、ジメチコン、セレシン、マイクロクリスタリンワックス、スクワラン、ジエチルヘキサン酸ネオペンチルグリコール、モモ果汁、モモ葉エキス、カオリン、エナンチアクロランタ樹皮エキス、ライム果汁、オレンジ果汁、レモン果汁、サンザシエキス、ナツメ果実エキス、グレープフルーツ果実エキス、リンゴ果実エキス、シリカ、セスキイソステアリン酸ソルビタン、トコフェロール、ハイドロゲンジメチコン、BG、水、オレアノール酸、香料 More

More Information:

  • Peach scent is released from the popular Ponais.

  • Easily and cleanly resolves nostril pore dirt.

  • Ponais, a popular item for care of pores in the nostrils.

  • Easy to rub the nostrils with a scent of peach.

  • No moisturizing ingredients (peach juice extract / peach leaf extract) combined with a feeling of after-use.

    How to use:

  • With no moisture or oil on your skin, pull out about 3 mm from the container, and pat directly on the area of concern.

  • Contain sebum-adsorbed components will begin to appear.

  • If scum comes out, wipe it off with a tissue.

  • After use, please prepare skin with lotion.

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