CHARLEY - Imagination Bathroom Bath Salt & Herbs 30g - 13 Types

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Product Description

Indulge in a luxurious bath packed with revitalizing extracts derived from elderflower, cornflower, honey, skimmed milk, as well as nourishing oils from neem and chamomile, to complete a relaxing experience that will remind you of blooming fields under the summer skies.

Major Ingredients:

More Information:

  • Bath room is the brewery, that brings you imagination and relaxation.

  • Enjoy the fragrance and spread the wings of your imagination in the world of the story.

  • More freedom in the bathroom.

  • Imagination, your own time.

  • Imaginary bathroom to enjoy with a design like a book binding.

  • Stuffed with bath salt and some naturally derived ingredients.

  • The bare skin is also beautiful with a natural bath bag.

  • A Memorable Present: Fresh and freshly berry and fig aroma and hot water color of winter red that feels warmth.

  • Alighting On The Green Forest: A quiet forest scent inviting you to relax and hot water color of calm forest green.

  • Blooming In Rose Garden: An elegant, classical scent of rose and pure natural pink hot water color.

  • Budding Cherry Blossom: The scent of a clean and pretty cherry like a rose and gentle milky baby pink hot water color.

  • Flowing Milky Clouds: Fresh and nostalgic scent of soap and milky white hot water color that spreads softly.

  • Holiday At Mountain Hut: Slightly warm ginger and maple scent and clear white of snow white.

  • Lemonade On Weekend: A refreshing honey lemon scent and clear lemon yellow hot water color.

  • Meet Me Under The Cherry Tree: The fragrance of cherry blossoms is neat and pretty like buds.

  • Meteoric Shower Night: Aroma of gentle relaxing herbs and milky blue water color reminiscent of the night sky.

  • My Citron Fruitful Village: Fresh scent of freshly yuzu and clear hot water color.

  • My Dear Fruit & Crescent Moon: Sweet and fresh smell of mixed fruits and clear gold water color reminiscent of apple juice.

  • One Sunny Afternoon: The smell of wildflowers in the wind and fresh and cool mint green hot water color.

  • Yuzu Will Be Ripen Soon: Fresh scent of freshly picked citron.

    How to use:

  • Take out the bath bag from the outer bag, put one packet in the hot water of the bathtub (about 200L).

  • Rub it lightly and take a bath.

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