FACE FACTORY - Water Peeling Machine

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Product Description

Major Ingredients:

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  • Delivers thorough cleansing of skin impurities for smooth-looking skin.

  • The micro ultrasound vibration with 26,000 times per second helps remove the dust, blackheads and sebums thoroughly.

  • Strong vibration power with 3 stages(Peeling, Absorb, Lifting) power mode to fit different skin care stages.

  • Helps deliver the nourishment and moisture of the skin care products to the skin thoroughly with Galvanic Effect.

  • How to use:

    1. Charge the device before use.

    2. For the first time of use, plug in the USB cable included and remove the cable 30 minutes after charging.

    3. Plug in the USB cable again and recharge the device for 1 hour, then turn on the device for use.

    4. Press the power button for about 3 seconds to turn on or off the device.

    5. Shift to different modes by pressing the power button.

    6. The device will be turned off automatically after 5 minutes(Peeling Mode), 10 minutes(Absorb Mode) or 20 minutes(Lifting Mode).

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