Kao - Biore Moisture Jelly 180ml - 2 Types

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Product Description

Gel-type lotion is formulated with hyaluronic acid, amino acid and collagen that penetrate deeply into skin and lock in moisture. The combination of ingredients strengthens the skin's barrier to prevent water loss. The Moist version is designed for normal to dry skin, and the Extra Moist is for dry to very dry skin.

Major Ingredients:

More Information:

Very Moist

  • Skin care is completed just by washing your face.

  • Toner, Milky lotion, Essence liquid and Moisturizing care in one.

  • Moisture penetration & pack prescription.

  • Make it bland, when the feel changes suddenly, the sign of completion to the pack.

  • Even though it has a thick, it does not have sticky feelings.

  • Takaru prescription.

  • Especially for dry skin.

  • Fragrance free.

  • No color.


  • Face lotion, milky lotion, beauty essence and pack after cleansing are completed with this one.

  • It is a lotion of 4 bottles.

  • Feeling to blend, will change quickly.

  • This is a sign of penetration & pack completion.

  • It is a sticky feeling without stickiness.

  • Moisture-rich moist texture lasts long until the next morning.

  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Amino Acid (Moisturizing Component).

  • Flavor-free / color-free.

    How to use:

  • Diameter 1 cm larger, in the palm of your hand.

  • Take an appropriate amount in your palm.

  • From inside to outside.

  • Apply in the order of cheek, T zone, eyes, from the inside to the outside of the face (from the top to the bottom).

  • Finishing hand press.

  • While closely adhering with the palm, check the moisture condition of your skin.

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