Kao - Clear Clean Medicinal Toothpaste - 2 Types

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Product Description

Major Ingredients:

sodium hydroxide solution (pH adjuster) sodium monofluorophosphate * 3, saccharin Na (flavoring agent) phosphoric acid 1Na, Sorbit liquid (wetting agent) Water (base) MC granules * 1 Ca carbonate (cleaning agent) Anhydrous silica, CMC · Na (viscosity modifier) lauryl sulfate (foaming agent) Perfume (extra cool mint type), Saccharin Na (Flavoring agent) 1Na phosphate, benzethonium chloride * 2 (medicinal ingredient) blue 1 (colorant), benzethonium chloride * 2 (medicinal ingredient) menthol (coolant) blue 1 (coloring agent), CMC / Na (viscosity modifier) Lauryl sulfate (foaming agent) Fragrance (natural mint type), Sorbit liquid (wetting agent) Water (base) MC granule * 1, Ca carbonate (cleaning agent) Silicic anhydride More

More Information:

  • Granules (cleaning agent) only, cleanly remove teeth to the tooth gap and gaps in the gap between teeth and gums that can not reach toothbrush.

  • On the teeth of the slipper.

  • Fungicide formulation.

  • Sterilize the cause bacteria and prevent gingivitis and bad breath.

  • Fluorine formulation.

  • Prevents the development and progression of dental caries.

  • Pack Size - 130g

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