Kiribai - Red & Green Bean Steam Neck Pad

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Product Description

Specially designed to wrap around shoulders and neck comfortably, the thermal pad contains azuki red bean and releases natural steam to relieve muscle pains and aches. Microwave accordingly following instructions on the packaging. Designed for repeated use.

Major Ingredients:

More Information:

  • A thermal pad that warms and azuki's natural steam properly to the core.

  • It has moderate weight, it fits the neck shoulder, so it can be warmed effectively.

  • A special shape to wrap around the shoulders widely from the neck.

  • You can use it just by heating with a microwave oven.

  • It is economical as it can be used repeatedly.

    How to use:

  • Fold it in half and place it in the center of the microwave oven (wipe off the dirt on the part to be placed).

  • Place the bean so that it is not biased and put it.

  • Approximate heating time:

  • Do not heat at 800 W or more.

  • Estimated time: 500 W > 2 min, 600 W > 1 min 50 sec, 700 W > 1 min 30 sec.

  • Place it on the neck shoulder with the side with the written letter facing up.

  • Heating impossible except for the microwave function.

  • Automatic warming is impossible.

  • Do not heat above the specified time.

  • When the warmth is insufficient, reheat every 10 seconds while checking the warmth.

  • Pack Size - 1 pc

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