Kracie - Epilat Hair Removing Body Tape 14pcs

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Product Description

Major Ingredients:

More Information:

  • Just remove the soft tape that adheres to your skin and peel it off quickly and easily.

  • It will make your skin smooth.

  • Wide parts can be processed at the same time, hair removal such as under the knees can be done easily.

  • Chamomile extract, seaweed extract formulation.

    How to use:

  • For hair removal in narrow areas such as arms before use, cut the tape in half with scissors before use.

  • Arrange the hair flow (part of the arm in the horizontal direction, the foot in the vertical direction) of the part to be depiled by pressing it with the palm.

  • Peel off the tape from the mount, and firmly adhere closely to the root of the hair of the part to be depilated along the flow of hair.

  • Quickly peel off in a direction opposite to the flow of hair immediately, so as to fold back along the skin at once.

  • Do not pull directly above.

  • The tape becomes hard to peel off and hair removal becomes incomplete.

  • It also causes pain and causes inflammation.

  • It is a habit to peel the tape along the skin vigorously and quickly.

  • Slowly peeling will make it easier for the adhesive to remain on your skin.

  • Can not remove hair again.

  • When using it on the part of the part where there is no tension feeling (under the knee, etc), tense and tighten the skin so that the skin stretches the pin with one hand and please remove it.

  • If you leave it stuck for a long time, the adhesive may warm with body temperature and remain on your skin.

  • Do not process the same part again and again.

  • When several hairs are left, pull out with a shaving immediately after processing.

  • When an adhesive is left on your skin, it will be difficult to remove it if it gets wet or warm.

  • Round the gum tape and take it little by little by bouncing off the edge of the sticky part on your skin.

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