LION - Etiquette Toothpaste Breath Communication

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Product Description

Major Ingredients:

Water, sorbitol (wetting agent), silica (abrasive), PG (wetting agent), sodium lauryl sulfate (foaming agent), flavor (peppermint type), tribasic acid 5Na · sodium bicarbonate (cleaning agent), xanthan gum · alginic acid Na, polyacrylic acid Na (caking agent), saccharin Na (sweetening agent), sodium hydroxide Na (pH adjusting agent), methyl paraben / butyl paraben (preservative), titanium oxide (colouring agent) More

More Information:

  • Dirt that sticks to the tongue "Tongue cloth (nausea)" is the cause of halitosis.

  • Tongue sticks are proteins and bacteria in the mouth and attached to the tongue, which is a source of bad breath.

  • Remove the cause (tongue cloth, dental plaque, eating residue etc) and clear your breath.

  • Cleaning ingredients (sodium polyphosphate, sodium bicarbonate) brushing, removing the cause of bad breath such as tongue clothes, purify the mouth, prevent bad breath.

  • With a refreshing flavor of peppermint, a refreshing feeling lasts longer.

  • Keep teeth whiteness and prevent mushroom teeth.

  • Brush your teeth lightly while brushing your teeth.

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