LION - Nonio Medicated Toothpaste 130g - 3 Types

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Product Description

Major Ingredients:

lauroyl sarcosine Na (LSS)*2 pH adjuster...Sodium hydroxide solution Preservative-paraben Flavoring agent... rosemary extract, PG Cleaning agent: Silica A anhydrous Viscosity modifier: silicic acid anhydride, coconut oil fatty acid amide propyl betaine liquid Binder...Xanthan gum Detergent...Na polyphosphate, POE hydrogenated castor oil, coconut oil fatty acid amide propyl betaine liquid Binder: xanthan gum Cleaning agent: Na polyphosphate, saccharin Na Stabilizer: oxidized Ti Coolant-Menthol Medicinal ingredients: sodium fluoride (fluorine), saccharin Na Stabilizer: Ti oxide Coolant: menthol Medicinal ingredients: sodium fluoride (fluorine), Na bicarbonate Flavouring: Fragrance (clear herb mint type), Wetting agent: sorbit solution, Wetting agent: Solbit liquid, lauroyl sarcosine Na (LSS)*2 pH adjuster: Sodium hydroxide solution Preservative: Paraben Flavoring agent: Rosemary extract, PG Cleaning agent: Silica A Viscosity modifier: Silicic anhydride, Na bicarbonate Flavoring agent-fragrance (splash citrus mint type), polyacrylic acid Na Foaming agent: Na lauryl sulfate More

More Information:

  • Triple action to fight bad breath.

  • For long-lasting fresh breath.

  • Helps remove stains, for bright white teeth.

  • Not only removes stains, but also triple action on bad breath.

  • Toothpaste that can thoroughly prevent bad breath.

  • Triple action for bad breath.

  • Keep your breath clear.

  • The cleaning ingredients (Na bicarbonate, Na polyphosphate) disperse the fungal clumps that cause bad breath and make them easier to remove.

  • The germicidal component LSS (Lauroyl sarcosine Na) thoroughly sterilizes the bacteria that cause bad breath and prevents the occurrence of bad breath.

  • Breath refresh ingredients.

  • Reset unpleasant bad breath.

  • Stain-off to white teeth

  • Ion cleansing component (Na polyphosphate) floats stain to make it easier to remove.

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