LION - Systema Haguki Plus Premium Toothpaste 95g - 2 Types

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Product Description

Major Ingredients:

Red 106 Caking Agent ●●● Na Alginate Penetrant ●●● PEG4000 Coolant ●●● Menthol Preservative ●●● Paraben Coating Agent ●●● Alginate PG, sodium polyphosphate, Yellow 4, Wetting agent ●●● Solbit liquid, tranexamic acid foaming agent ● ● ● POE hydrogenated castor oil, lauroyl methyl taurine Na flavoring agent ● ● ● Fragrance (fresh crystal mint type), sodium fluoride (1450 ppm as fluorine), acetic acid Tocopherol (vitamin E), isopropylmethylphenol (IPMP), Saccharin Na Colorant ●●● Mica Ti, PG cleaning agent ●●● Silicic anhydride A Viscosity adjusting agent ●●● Silicic anhydride, xanthan gum Medicinal ingredients ●●● Potassium nitrate, coconut oil fatty acid amide propyl betaine liquid More

More Information:

  • A premium formula toothpaste with eight effects that revitalizes gums to help prevent gum disease

  • A premium prescription toothpaste that activates gums, prevents periodontal disease, and performs eight functions.

  • Pearly paste An elegant fruity mint flavor that makes you feel luxurious and gorgeous.

  • It is an easy-to-use feeling that can firmly care for gums.

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