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Product Description

For bright, dewy Korean “glass skin”, take your pick from these four types of aromatic sheet masks, all infused with essential oils! Made of a soft, breathable material that adheres closely to skin to boost absorption, each type targets specific skin concerns. The “Moisturizing Aroma Mask” is designed to hydrate dry skin. The “Soothing Aroma Mask” calms breakouts and restores sensitive skin to radiance. The “Brightening Aroma Mask” revitalizes tired skin with a long-lasting supply of moisture. The “Repairing Aroma Mask” fights aging and triggers the skin’s self-healing functions. Each pack comes with a total of four sheet masks.

Major Ingredients:

  • A sheet mask made of a soft and soft fabric provides excellent adhesion to the skin, enhances absorption to the skin, and leads to radiant, moisturized skin.

  • It is more effective because it is absorbed quickly.

    Moisturizing aroma mask:

  • Tired and dry skin.

  • Dehydration sign.

  • Moisturize and lock in your skin.

    Smoothing aroma mask:

  • Dry skin, sensitive skin, and skin that is prone to pimples.

  • It suppresses oiliness, moisturizes and soothes.

  • Calms pimples and inflamed cells.

    Brightening Aroma Mask:

  • For tired and dry skin.

  • Brightens and rejuvenates the skin.

  • Moisture lasts long.

    Repair Aroma Mask:

  • Removes signs of aging and age spots.

  • Reactivates skin repair function.

  • Increases water content in the skin.

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    More Information:

  • Made with soft, comfortable fabric, the sheet mask provides superb skin adherence that boosts skin absorption for hydrated glowing skin.

  • Fast absorption for greater efficacy.

    Moisturizing Aroma Mask:

  • Fatigued, dry skin.

  • Signs of dehydration damage.

  • Hydrate, lock in moisture, firms skin.

    Soothing Aroma Mask:

  • Dry, sensitive skin, prone to breakouts.

  • Reduce oiliness, hydrates and soothes.

  • Calm breakouts and inflamed cells.

    Brightening Aroma Mask:

  • Fatigued, dry skin.

  • Helps brighten and rejuvenate.

  • Long lasting moisturizing.

    Repairing Aroma Mask:

  • Banish signs of aging and blemishes.

  • Reinvigorates skin’s repairing functions.

  • Plump-up skin’s moisture levels.

  • Pack Size - 4 pcs

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