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Product Description

These 4 types of mask packs comprise sheet masks and moisture lock cream in a single set, providing double hydration for all types of skin. Masks are made of a soft, breathable material that promotes maximum absorption. The “Moisturizing Mask” utilizes Swiss glacial water and α-Bisabolol to soothe and hydrate. The “Whitening Mask” contains Melaclear 2 and Arbutin to brighten dull, sallow skin. The “Hydrating Mask” relieves dryness and locks in moisture with hyaluronic acid and an 8-in-1 amino acid moisturizer. The “Repairing Mask” combats aging by getting rid of fine lines. For radiant skin, remember to apply the cream after using the sheet masks. Each pack contains four pieces.

Major Ingredients:

  • Double moisturizes and moisturizes thirsty skin. -1. Momentary hydration + 2. Confine nutrition and moisture.

  • Process 1-Express Moisture Mask.

  • Process 2-Moisture lock cream.

  • An ingredient imported from South Korea that gives your skin a high-quality moisturization.

  • Gentle on the skin.

  • Highly efficient absorption and twice the moisturizing power.

  • The latest moisturizing technology from Korea that uses liposome encapsulation technology stabilizes ceramide and enhances its ability to penetrate into the skin to achieve effective moisturizing.

  • It can also be used on people with sensitive skin.

    EX 8 minutes PLUS+ moisturizing mask:

  • Moisturizes and moisturizes the skin quickly.

  • Swiss glacier water. Small molecule super penetration.

  • α-bisabolol. Improves rough and sensitive skin.

    EX 8 minutes PLUS + whitening mask:

  • Improvement of dullness, whitening skin.

  • Melaclear that decomposes melanin 2. It decomposes from the inside of the skin to lighten the complexion.

  • Arbutin. Quickly brightens and improves dull skin tones.

    EX 8 minutes PLUS+ Hydrating Mask:

  • Discomfort for dry and sensitive skin, moist skin.

  • Contains hyaluronic acid that is gentle on the skin. Instantly relieves dry discomfort.

  • 8-in-1 amino acid moisturizer. Play super moisturizing protection.

    EX 8 minutes PLUS + repair mask:

  • For fine lines and youthful skin due to drying.

  • Royal Jelly Extract: Brightens fine lines caused by drying.

  • Shea Butter Extract: Softens the skin and delays skin aging.

    how to use:

  • Moisturize your skin with an express sheet mask and then gently apply cream to make your skin glow and shine.

  • Contents-4 pieces More

    More Information:

  • Double moisturizing relieve thirsty skin - 1. Instant hydration + 2.Nourishing moisture lock.

  • Step 1 - Express moisturizing mask.

  • Step 2 - Moisture lock cream.

  • Korean imported ingredients for quality skin hydration.

  • Soft on skin and with superb skin adherence.

  • Highly efficient absorption & Double the moisturizing ability.

  • The latest moisturizing technology from Korea using Liposome encapsulation technology to stabilize the Ceramide, allowing greater skin penetration for effective hydration.

  • Suitable for sensitive skin.

    EX 8 Minutes PLUS+ Moisturizing Mask:

  • Quickly hydrate and moisturize the skin.

  • Swiss Glacier Water: Micro-molecular super penetration.

  • α-Bisabolol: Improves skin roughness and sensitivity.

    EX 8 minute PLUS+ Whitening Mask:

  • Improve dullness, Whitening skin.

  • Melaclear 2 Melanin Decomposer: Decomposes and brightens skin tone from the inside out.

  • Arbutin: Quickly brighten and improve dull skin tone.

    EX 8 minute PLUS+ Hydrating Mask:

  • Dry and sensitive discomfort, moist skin.

  • Skin-Friendly Hyaluronic Acid: Instantly relieves dry discomfort.

  • 8-in-1 Amino Acid Moisturizer: Play super moisturizing protection.

    EX 8 Minute PLUS+ Repairing Mask:

  • Dry fine lines, young skin.

  • Royal Jelly Extract: lighten small fine lines caused by drying.

  • Shea Butter Extract: Softens skin and slows skin aging.

    How to use:

  • After using the express sheet mask to hydrate skin, gently apply the cream for glowing radiant complexion.

  • Pack Size - 4 pcs

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