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Product Description

Black mask helps to brighten and clarify skin with its essence containing licorice, hyaluronic acid, bamboo leaf extract, Vitamin C derivatives, glutathione, arbutin alongside mild Chinese herbs such as skullcap root, saxifrage and peony root.

Major Ingredients:

More Information:

7 In 1 Brightening:

  • Combining paeonia suffruticosa root extract, scutellaria baicalensis root extract, saxifraga sarmentosa extract, acetyl tyrosine, arbutin, glutathione, and aminopropyl ascorbyl phosphate.

  • The 7 top skin brightening extracts effectively enhance skin metabolism and restore skin brightness to release a natural glow on skin from inside out with a fairer and smoother skin.

    Black Pearl Brightening:

  • Breeded from ocean energy, black pearl contain very rich nutrients essence.

  • Essence of black pearl power contains pearl protein, amino acids, and high level of trace element and it can enhance skin vitality, moisturization, and elasticity.

  • With it's outstanding akin-friendly characteristic, black pearl power helps the essence penetrate underneath the skin easily while providing anti-oxidant effect and a brighter tone for skin at the same time.

  • Thus your skin can exude a healthy, charming, glossy look just like pearls.

    Cactus Essence Hydrating:

  • Extracting hydrating moisturizing serum from.

  • Infiltrate skin to enhance surface hydration.

  • Create moisture barriers to prevent water loss.

  • Rejuvenate your skin.

  • Deepen skin keratin to hold moisture tightly.

    Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Brightening:

  • Derivative of vitamin C, has great stable capability, and its micro molecules with high penetration and absorption effect which can help fade skin spots, even and whiten the skin tone, and avoid the formation of spots from underlying skin to reveal radiant skin.

    Hyaluronan Hydrating:

  • High concentrations of hyaluronan provides excellent moisturizing power to skin and can effectively improve rough, dry, and cracked skin condition.

  • Pure hyaluronan provides refreshing sensation when using and can be easily absorbed by your skin can thus provide your skin with the additional moisture it needs with a silky, smooth touch.

    Natto Hydrating:

  • Natto is rich in protein, multiple vitamins, amino acids

  • It is vert skin friendly and work as an excellent hydrating agent for skin by foaming a water sealing network on skin surface

  • Combining with pure hydrating acid, it will further enhance the skin moisture level and provide you a tender, soft, and radiant looking skin

    Pore Minimizing:

  • Using multiple skin recuperating ingredients to provide deep purification to skin pore, help balance oil secretion on skin, condition skin metabolism to restore refreshing sensation on skin.

  • Combining with hyaluronic acid to bring your skin deep nourishment and hydration it needs for a clean, silky, and smooth skin texture.

    Raw Job's Tears Brightening:

  • Raw job's tears, also known as dehulled adlay, contain rich Vitamin and dietary fiber on their outer layer of bran film.

  • With rich grain amino acids, they provide superior anti-aging effect for skin as well as soothing, nourishing, and moisturizing benefit on skin.

  • In addition, the protein contains in raw job's tears can decompose enzyme and soften skin keratin to reduce fine lines and spots on skin to bring you a brighter and more silky smooth skin.

    Snail Essence Hydrating & Repairing:

  • Snail mucosal extracts are rich in Mucopolysaccharides with multiple active ingredients that provide deep penetration to skin base and instantly enhance water retention rate on skin.

  • The mask consistently provides nutrition to skin, repairs cry, dehydrated skin with deep hydrating.

  • Adding with multiple moisturizing ingredients, this mask will bring you excellent moisturizing with plump and silky smooth skin.

    Miraculous Yeast Moisturizing:

  • Youth yeast with high energy activity and conditioning ability can open up the skin's absorption channel.

  • To create a smooth and moisturizing skin texture, and make the skin crystal clear and youthful.

  • Sake yeast nutritional essence of rice fermentation product, the unique active energy of youth yeast, regulates keratin renewal metabolism.

  • Improve skin transparency, brighten dull complexion, and make skin moisturized and tender, with youthful radiance from the inside out.

    Multiple Super Cranberries Brightening:

  • Acerola, the king of vitamin C in the berry world, contains high levels of vitamin C.

  • It can increase skin vitality and luster, and reduce pigment production, making the skin appear bright and white.

  • The king of berry C, acerola and kakadu fruit, acai berry, etc., contain high concentrations of vitamin C and anthocyanins.

  • It can reduce the production of melanin and promote its metabolism, thereby achieving the effect of whitening and even skin tone.

  • From the inside out, the skin will be brightened, rosy and complex.

    How to use:

  • After facial cleansing, open the mask and apply flat on the face.

  • Use fingers to gentle adjust the mask until it is properly attached to face.

  • Wait for 15 to 20 minutes before removing the mask.

  • Pat the essence on face lightly until it is dry and fully absorbed by skin.

  • Cleanse face once again by individual preference even through not necessary.

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