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Product Description

Major Ingredients:

Water, glycerin, propanediol, decyl glucoside, polyglyceryl laurate-10, orange fruit water *, pentylene glycol, xanthan gum, tocopherol, BG, raspberry extract *, damask rose flower water *, podocarpstoara tree extract *, E. pylori extract *, Edelweiss flower / leaf extract *, Scutellariata flower extract *, Shrimp flower extract *, Scutellariata flower extract *, Sage leaf extract *, Bilberry leaf extract *, Tachijako flower / leaf extract * , Rosemary leaf extract *, damask rose flower oil *, sandalwood oil *, ylang ylang flower oil *, orange oil *, lavender oil *, oil palm oil *, lemongrass oil *, caninaba fruit oil, neem oil, Cucumber fruit extract, sunflower seed oil, citric acid, sodium citrate, Down Jill alcohol, dehydroacetate More

More Information:

  • Bestowing the blessings of the earth from organic plant extracts onto your beautiful skin

  • Beautiful skin has moisture, sleekness and elasticity.

  • To keep it that way, daily skin care is a must.

  • It’s important to use skin care products suitable for your skin.

  • Since these products are applied directly to your bare skin, we strongly recommended selecting naturally-derived skin care products.

  • All of the ORMONICA skin care products are produced in our factory in Japan, which is certified by a French organic certification organization famous for its strictness.

  • The natural power in organic plants containing the earth’s rich power along with the healing effect taken from natural essential oils will bring back your skin’s original beauty.

  • Our products will help you maintain gently well-balanced, stress-free, and beautifully hydrated skin.

  • The fragrances of Ormonica’s skin care products are all derived from the natural essential oils used in their formulas. These natural fragrances combine with the healing powers of the organic compounds to refresh your body and mind, inside and out. Let the soothing fragrances renew your mind as our products replenish the condition of your skin!

  • Main Components:

  • Edelweiss Extract: Edelweiss is famous as an alpine plant with the power to survive in a harsh natural environment.This derived extract contains tannic acid and flavonoids to keep your skin healthy and create bounce and luster.

  • Epilobium Fleischeri Extract: This plant is called fireweed, a perennial plant that grows on the rocky slopes of the Swiss Alps at a height of 1,000m to 2,400m. Containing flavonoids and tannic acid, it adds moisture to your skin and prevents from becoming rough and dry.

  • This liquid-type makeup remover removes makeup thoroughly.

  • It quickly settles into your skin and keeps your skin feeling refreshed.

  • Removing makeup thoroughly is important as the first step for skincare.

  • Organic skin care products are often thought to place more importance on using organic components over functionality, but this is not true.

  • Our makeup remover quickly settles into your skin and removes pore-clogging dirt with a foam* that is gentle on skin to leave your skin feeling refreshed after rinsing.

  • This richly foaming liquid remover feels light when used.

  • The burden on your skin usually caused by other products is avoided by the organic plant extracts in our product that retain moisture and keep skin healthy.

  • Apply the liquid to your palm and lather until the foam forms.

  • With this makeup remover, you can enjoy the feeling of your makeup-free bare skin.

  • 20 different organic components are used to keep your skin healthy, including raspberry extract.

  • 99% of the formula is made of naturally-derived components (including water).

  • The formula includes a natural component, frankincense, which helps physically and mentally drained women keep their bodies and minds well-balanced and brings them beautiful skin.

  • The calm fragrance of the organic essential oils gives you a comfortable moment at the end of your day.

  • After cleansing your skin with an appropriate amount of the product, gently wash it away with cool or lukewarm water.

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