Peach C - Falling in Eyeshadow Palette - 3 Colors

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Product Description

Eye shadow palette with carefully curated matte, shimmery and glittery colors saves you the time for mixing and matching. Great for everyday use!

Major Ingredients:

More Information:


  • A eye shadow palette with well colour combination to help you save time for matching.

  • Colour Chart:
    #01 Falling in Brown:

  • #01 Light Brown - as base, the basic colour that suits everyone and will not affect by your skin tone.

  • #02 Pearl Brown - as point makeup, can apply on the middle part of eyes, undereyes area for highlight.

  • #03 Caramel Brown - as main colour, with middle tone of brown gives a warm tone and a daily colour choice.

  • #04 Deep Brown - as shading, apply on the tail of eyes for a more defined eye makeup, it can also use for eyeliner.

    #02 Falling in Peach:

  • #01 Light Apricot - as base, with apricot colour and an orange base to give better coverage on dark circle, make the eyes look less dull.

  • #02 Bright Coral - as glitter, adding coral colour into brown to give a point makeup on the undereyes area.

  • #03 Tone Down Peach Brown - as main colour, giving a dried peach alike colour.

  • #04 Gold Pearl - as shading, a peach brown colour with gold base which is optimal for triangle zone use.

    #03 Falling in Pink:

  • #01 Pink - as base, with strawberry milk like pink colour for thin skin to cover the vein that is easily to be seen.

  • #02 Indie Pink- as main colour, can also apply on the undereyes area, plus a little bit gold pearl for a gorgeous finish.

  • #03 Burgundy - as glitter, give a warm tone with pink burgundy colour, use with Cocoa Brown colour will give an autumn warm tone makeup.

  • #04 Cocoa Brown - as shading, a cocoa colour that can apply on the tail of eyes for a defined eyes makeup, use with Indie Pink main colour can be use as eyeliner also.

  • How to use:

  • Chooses the colour you want (deep or light) and apply a proper amount on the eyes area.

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