Professional Grade Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover - Easy, Instant and Effective Nail Removal (10ml)

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  • Professional Quality - The magic polish remover works by breaking down the gel polish, and you can use it effortlessly without having to go to a professional nail salon.
  • Magically Easy & Fast - Just by lightly smearing the remover your nail polish will automatically come off after 1-2 minutes.
  • Hassle-Free Nail Removal - No more soaking, foils or scraping! It can’t get any easier.
  • Gentle & Safe - The gentle formula is safe for your nails. It does its work without causing any damage to your skin.
  • Important note-The time may vary depends on how thick your nail polish is. It is also recommended for UV polish Nail extensions to remove the seal layer first before using this for easier and faster results!
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