SANA - Soy Milk Moisture Face Wash 150g - 2 Types

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Product Description

Soy milk-enriched facial wash helps to remove dirt and makeup while also softening and brightening skin.

Major Ingredients:

More Information:


  • Moisturizing texture.

  • Make-up soy milk moist moisturizing facial cleansing.

  • Lubricate with smooth bubbles to wash your skin smoothly.

  • To the natural beauty of female skin.

  • The soy milk fermented liquid containing isoflavone works to keep women's beautiful skin.

  • It gives moisture and moisture to the bare skin and leads to plump moisture.

  • Soy milk fermented liquid (moisturizing ingredient) contains isoflavone.

  • Soy extract · vegetable collagen: soy protein (moisturizing ingredients) formulated.

  • Flavor-free, color-free, mineral oil.


  • Rich moisture & rich elastic bubbles, wash face moisturizing skin smoothly.

  • Foaming quickly, dense foam is completed in the blink of an eye, gently wrapping your skin with moisture.

  • The old keratin is also clean and smooth skin.

  • Contains soy milk isoflavone - containing soymilk fermentation solution concentrated twofold compared to conventional products.

  • Encapsulated CoQ 10 with enhanced penetration into the stratum corneum is also doubled as compared with conventional products, and it supports dark skin by double.

  • 2 types of soy extract are compounded.

  • Protect your skin moisture, plump moisture.

  • Soy milk fermentation solution (moisturizing component): It's original smooth concentration process, leading to plump moisture.

  • Soy isoflavone (moisturizing ingredient): It leads to plump moisture.

  • Soybean sprout extract (moisturizing ingredient): Protects your skin from drying.

  • Soy oil (moisturizing ingredient): Give your skin moisture.

  • Flavor-free, color-free, mineral oil.

    How to use:

  • Take an appropriate amount (about 2-3cm at the time of makeup removal and about 1cm at the time of cleansing) on the palm and wash well before lathering.

  • Then rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water.

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