Sun Smile - Iespa By Pure Smile Pack 1 pc - 3 Types

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Product Description

Achieve beauty salon luxury at home with three different types of mask packs. Gold Foil Pack seals in ingredients and prevents evaporation, effectively moisturizing skin with natural thermal effects. Black Sheet Bubble Mask targets pores with carbonated foam to brighten skin tone. Finally, Platinum Foil Pack’s essence delivers restorative and repairing effects while permeating deep into skin. After cleansing and drying face, evenly align and tighten both the top and bottom sheet masks. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.

Major Ingredients:

More Information:

  • Iespa is a total relaxation skincare brand that allows you to obtain a beauty-salon-level of satisfaction in your own home.

    Iespa By Pure Smile Gold Foil Pack

  • The third bullet is the appearance of "foil pack" which prevents sealing and evaporation without escaping beautiful skin ingredients.

  • The secret to finish surprisingly moist skin was on foil.

  • Moisturizing with natural thermal effects, sealed without missing beauty ingredients.

  • Foil pack to prevent evaporation, make it a surprisingly moist skin.

    Iespa By Pure Smile Black Sheet Bubble Pack

  • This black bubble sheet mask gets rid of worrisome age pores with its soft carbonated foam and increases tone.

  • It is also very easy to use.

  • By simply packing like you are using a mask, soft carbonated foam is created.

    Iespa By Pure Smile Platinum Foil Pack

  • This foil-backed sheet delivers a one-way surge of skin-restoring concentrate that sinks deep to repair skin during the graveyard shift.

  • To boost ingredient efficacy and get deeper into the skin.

  • Contain gold extract in mask sheet.

    How to use:

  • After cleansing, remove moisture and clean your skin.

  • Open the bag, remove the top sheet mask from the bag, and evenly tighten it from the part around the eyes.

  • Take the lower sheet mask out of the bag, align it with the mouth position, and make even contact closely along the face line from the chin tip.

  • After 15 to 20 minutes, peel off the mask slowly.

  • After use, carry out regular maintenance.

  • Pack Size - 1 pc

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