Asahi Ebios Tablets 2000 Tablets

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Asahi Ebios Tablets 2000 Tablets, Tablets, Bottle, 5 yr(s), 2000 pc(s), Natural dried beer yeast, Heartburn,Heartache,Abdominal bloating,Overeating,Burping,Indigestion,Loss of appetite,Upset stomach

--Item Description---
100% Authentic! New and unopened!
Asahi EBIOS 2,000 tablets, Brewers yeast, Indigestion, loss of appetite, From Japan.

How to:
Please take 10 tablets x 3 times (after meals) per 1 day.
Avoid intake of more than necessary, please observe the daily measure of volume. And please avoid Food allergy.

Ingredients--- per1day (30 tablets)
Dry yeast ··· 7125mg
* Containing lactose, calcium hydrogen phosphate, silicic anhydride, a hydrogenated oil.

- Activates weakened gastrointestinal function.
Brewer's yeast has the effect of increasing lactic acid bacteria and other bacteria that are useful for the function of the intestine, as well as increasing appetite. Ebios tablets, which are made from natural brewer's yeast, help the weakened stomach and improve symptoms such as indigestion and loss of appetite caused by insufficient stomach functioning.
- Supply nutrients that tend to be deficient.
Beer yeast is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and other B vitamins, proteins and nutrients such as minerals, glucan, mannan dietary fiber, and nucleic acids. Ebios tablets, which are made from natural brewer's yeast, supplement nutrients that tend to be deficient due to the interaction of these ingredients.
- It helps replenish the essential amino acids that are essential to our body.
Brewer's yeast contains all nine essential amino acids that cannot be made in the body among the amino acids that make up proteins. "Ebios Tablets", which is made from natural brewer's yeast, is rich in protein (40-50%) and is useful for gastrointestinal health.

[Recommended for such people]
- For poor appetite, weak stomach, stomach upset, indigestion
- Too much to drink ?For heartburn
- For nutrition
- For nutritional support for pregnant and lactating women

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