BATHCLIN - Kikiyu Carbonated Water Bath Salt 360g - 6 Types

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Product Description

Bring the serenity of the spa to your doorstep! Chock full of hot spring minerals, these 6 types of bath salts ease common ailments such as acne, lower back pain and body fatigue by enhancing blood circulation and metabolism. For optimal effects, dissolve about 30g in 200L of bathwater. Destressing has never been easier!

Major Ingredients:

Na sulfate, Sodium hydrogen carbonate, talc Ethylenediaminetetra POE · POP, magnesium sulfate, PEG (120), blue 1, ethylenediaminetetra POE • POP, yellow Four, perfume, «Active ingredient» Sodium bicarbonate, Na DL-malic acid, PEG(120), BHT, yellow 202(1), talc, dry sodium sulfate, Ti oxide, Silicic anhydride, yellow 202 (1), ethylenediamine tetra-POE/POP, K chloride, riboflavin, dextrin, fumaric acid, Na bicarbonate, anhydrous silica, soybean oil, Na carbonate, Active ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, zinc oxide, DL-malic acid, fragrance, anhydrous silicic acid, sodium hydrogen carbonate, 有効成分:炭酸水素Na、炭酸Na、塩化Na その他成分:DL-リンゴ酸、フマル酸、コハク酸、L-グルタミン酸ナトリウム、デキストリン、酸化Ti、酸化亜鉛、大豆油、PEG(120)、タルク、エチレンジアミンテトラPOE・POP、無水ケイ酸、BHT、香料、黄202(1)、青1, sodium L-glutamate, succinic acid, Aluminum sulfate potassium hydrate, sodium carbonate, Na chloride «Other ingredients» DL-malic acid, sodium chloride More

More Information:

  • Kikiyu series 6 types to choose according to the symptoms and problems of modern people.

  • Hot spring mineral + carbon dioxide enhances bathing effect, promotes blood circulation and metabolism.

  • Warms the body to the core, alleviates various symptoms of the body.

  • Body care at the end of the day.

  • It is a health bathing habit and increase bathing effect and soften the symptoms of the next day.

    Acne Care

  • Alum carbonated hot water acne.

  • Leaf scent.

  • Violet transparent water.


  • For cold salted water and fatigue.

  • The scent of the sea.

  • Milky green water.

    Lower Back

  • Magnesium carbonate hot water for back pain and stiff shoulders.

  • Kavos fragrance.

  • Blue-green transparent water.

    Rough Skin

  • Clay baking soda carbonated rough skin.

  • Yukemuri fragrance.

  • Milky white water.


  • Potassium sodium carbonate shoulder stiffness and fatigue recovery.

  • Honey lemon scent.

  • Lemon-colored transparent water.

    Tired Body

  • Calcium carbonate fatigue and stiff shoulders.

  • Ramune scent.

  • Blue sky transparent water.

    How to use:

  • Make bathing after dissolving the bath salt at a rate of about 30g in hot water (200L) into the bath.

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