BCL - AHA Soap 100g - 2 Types

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Product Description

Major Ingredients:

More Information:


  • It is AHA soap with fruit acid formulation with high keratin removal effect.

  • Keratin thickened by ultraviolet rays and aging, old surface skin including melanin causing kusumi.

  • Remove excess sebum, make-up dirt, etc. and prepare smooth skin without Kusumi.


  • A mild type AHA soap which cleans off dirt such as old hornkeeping, excess sebum, remaining makeup.

  • By incorporating vegetable ceramide, it protects the skin's moisture and leads to smooth skin with dullness due to fine texture of bubbles.

  • Skin-resistant facial cleansing for sensitive skin.

  • Even though it is refreshed, the skin does not clump.

  • You can also use it for people with sensitive skin or those hesitant to use everyday.

  • Off pore dirt and old horny.

  • Removes dirt such as horny skin thickened by ultraviolet rays and aging, keratin including melanin, excess sebum and make-up residue.

  • Wash it on fresh skin without darkness like freshly prepared.

  • Contains vegetable ceramide.

  • Mixed moisture ingredient "vegetable ceramide".

  • Vegetable cleansing ingredients help to keep the skin soft and bright while protecting moisture.

  • Fine lathering of texture.

  • Foam cushion protects skin from friction at washing face.

  • Pack Size - 100g

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