Kanebo - Excellence Beauty Silk Stocking - 6 Types

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Product Description

Major Ingredients:

More Information:

  • Cosmetics beauty skin stocking, excellence beauty.

  • Realize delicate, beautiful wear foundation that is unique to Kanebo cosmetics.

  • As the high-quality beautiful skin makeup is applied to the legs, the color and texture are naturally adjusted and fit smoothly.

  • Softly shine sheer, pursue the bare skin feeling of eternal life.

  • Super fit.

  • Commitment to a comfortable fit thoroughly, less irritating tightness and slack, achieves moist and smooth feeling.

  • Deodorize odors that occur.

  • Control breeding of various bacteria and control outbreak of smell.

  • Keep the natural roundness of the hips clean.

  • Even if there is a hole, it does not spread easily.

  • Reinforce your toes and it's hard to break.

    How to use:

  • Remove watch, bracelet, ring etc before wearing.

  • Elongated nails and finger tips.

  • Put the thumb of both hands into the waist of the fabric, pull it to the toe and then put the foot.

  • Pull up to the ankle.

  • Pull up to the knees equally, alternately to the left and right.

  • Pull up alternately to the waist so there is no gap in the crotch.

  • In order to prepare the dough, apply the whole leg from the bottom to the top, and twist it so that it has no unevenness.

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