Kao - Liese Creamy Bubble Color Design - 12 Types

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Product Description

Complete hair coloring kit completely covers gray and white hair with its soft foaming formula that evenly coats hair strands for uniformly glossy tresses. Amino acid and royal jelly extracts condition and nurture hair during the coloring process to prevent hair damage and prolong hair color. For optimum results, strictly follow the given instructions and perform a skin allergy test before using product. By Kao.

Major Ingredients:

More Information:

  • Solution 1 x 1

  • Solution 2 x 1

  • Foamer cap x 1

  • Gloves x 1 pair

  • Rinse-off treatment x 1

  • Get your desired hair color effortlessly with easy foam.

  • Thick foam fully color turnout.

  • Rinse-off Treatment: Repairs hair cuticle layer for moisturized hair.

  • Hair protecting ingredient: Hydrolyzed Silk, Lanolin Acid.

  • One box is enough to color shoulder length hair.

  • Two boxes may be needed for thicker and longer hair.

  • Not meat for gray or white hair coverage.

    How to use:

  • Read the enclosed instructions carefully before using and use as directed.

  • Perform a skin allergy test two days (48 hours) before each use of the product.

  • Before use, keep the product at room temperature (between 20 and 30) for about one hour before mixing the solutions.

  • If the formula is too cold or too warm, it will not foam easily.

  • Do not use while taking a bath.

  • This product is not a shampoo.

  • Pour Solution 1 into Solution 2, turn it upside down a few times gently to mix.

  • Do not shake hard.

  • Wear the gloves.

  • Squeeze the center of bottle to dispense foam.

  • Apply plenty of foam and massage until the texture of the foam becomes thick and creamy.

  • Massage gently to avoid tangling hair.

  • Leave foam on hair for about 20-30 minutes, then rinse out completely.

  • Finish by shampooing and then apply the enclosed rinse-off treatment.

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