Mandom - Lucido-L Hair Wax 20g - 7 Types

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Product Description

Moisturizing hair wax brings volume and life to fine, limp hair. Easy to spread and creamy soft formula adds heft and body, boosting fine hair for improved height and volume. Conditioning hair wax also contains hyaluronic acid that restores moisture and prevents brittleness, leading to healthier locks with continued use. For best results, work a tiny amount of wax near the roots and set using a blow dryer with diffuser attachment. Best for short hairstyles.

Major Ingredients:

More Information:

  • Non-sticky powder absorbs the oil, reduces the stickiness yet retains the arranging power of wax for easy styling.

  • Formulated with 1/100th the size of regular hyaluronic acid for hair moisturizing.

  • Light green floral scent.

  • Preservative free.


  • Movement, sense of bundle, strong emphasis & keep.

  • Clear fiber type.

  • For creating hair bundles and generating movement in your hair styling.

    Arrange Fix

  • Tame all frizz & stray hair for a non-stiff, natural finish for updos.

  • Suitable for braids, ponytails and more.


  • Create soft, moisturized and luscious curls.

  • Suitable for curled or perm hair.


  • Create smooth, soft set hair with healthy shine.

  • Suitable for dull hair.


  • The nuances of the hair and the air feel lightly peculiar.

  • Soft fiber type.

  • For perfecting a natural look with a moderate hold.


  • Double hyaluronic acid care provides long-lasting moisture.

  • Create shiny, lively and smooth hair with moisturizing coating.

  • Suitable for dry, frizzy hair.


  • Create outstanding volume without hard set.

  • Strong lasting hold.

  • Suitable for short and bob hairstyles.

    How to use:

  • Spread a suitable amount on fingertips and blend into the hair where styling is necessary.

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